Why It Pays To Consume Alkaline Foods

August 20, 2017

If you had the option to choose between an acidic or alkaline food type, what would you choose? Because when it comes down to it we all know that if something is acidic then generally it isn’t going to be very good for you. But what a lot of people don’t take into consideration is that having your body in a need permanent state of acidity has some pretty nasty effects, most notable of these are weight gain, a much greater risk of a lot of diseases and chronic illness, all of which add up to you having a shorter life span.

Therefore keeping your body in balance is incredibly important to your health and happiness and doing so is largely down to how well you eat. Whilst having an acidic diet can be very damaging, there is nothing but benefits form having an alkaline diet. It has been linked to having more energy, sleeping better and reducing the chance of getting any major illnesses and diseases. It is in fact pretty crazy to consider how eating a bit smarter and more alkaline can drastically improve your health and it isn’t even a hard or costly thing to do! There is literally no excuse that an obese person can give you as to why they aren’t eating a more alkaline diet.

To shed more light on what an alkaline diet is, here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

What does it mean to have an alkaline body?
An alkaline body is one with a pH that is more alkaline than acidic. The body’s natural pH is slightly alkaline and therefore we should seek to keep this in check.

Why is it good to be alkaline?
An acidic body is one that is detrimental to your health, it will struggle to balance itself out and can therefore draw nutrients from places it shouldn’t such as your bones. An alkaline body is less likely to damage itself.

What are alkaline foods?
Foods that are alkaline tend to be anything from leafy greens, cucumbers, fruits and lemons to chia seeds.

What are bad foods?
As a general rule anything that is particularly processed is going to be relatively bad for your body. That means you should say bye bye to fast food, processed foods, processed sugars, dairy and coffee. These are some of the foods that are very high in acidity.

Is an alkaline diet boring?
The thing that deters people from a more alkaline diet is the idea that it is boring but this simply isn’t true, food is only as boring as you make it! If you think fruit and vegetables are unappetizing then you should really research how meat is manufactured and how fast food restaurants create their meals, then you will no doubt be glad to eat something that is simple and natural. Just remember that if it grows naturally then it is likely to be good for you and alkaline too.

Top Tips To Eating Yourself Healthier

August 19, 2017

When a lot of people decide to get fit and healthy they often go to the gym to find results but it is their diet that has the most impact on their bodies and well-being. You could go to the gym as often as you want but if you are over-eating and have a high fat diet then you will struggle to see many benefits.

Here are some of the best and quickest changes you can make to your diet that will not only make you look healthier but also feel healthier too:

Lose The Meat
Eating less meat is one of the best ways to drastically change your diet. We aren’t saying you should go entirely “cold turkey” but by having a few meat-free days a week you will have a real health boost and you’ll definitely be able to notice the difference between the two.

Get More Water Down You
We all know that you should drink a lot of water but most of us fail to do so. By upping your liquid intake you will likely see that your cravings will lower and you’ll be less bloated throughout the day. Be sure to avoid carbonated and sugar-filled drinks too, even ‘healthy’ smoothies aren’t as good for you as you might think.

Bye-Bye Caffeine
Staying on a drinking note, caffeine is an integral part of a lot of our lives but as good as it feels to get a lift from it, it also brings us back down too. Try to reduce your caffeine intake or progress to a healthier green tea instead.

Go Green
If you want to be healthy then you have to have your greens! From broccoli to spinach, these greens are ideal for detoxifying your body and they will give you a huge number of health benefits as well as slimming your waist.

Food Diary
It may seem like no fun at all to track all the calories that you eat but it is a great way to see when and how much you eat. For instance if you find you are snacking late at night then there is likely going to be something wrong with what you are consuming for dinner and you can seek to resolve this. You can also see what times you have eaten badly and look to replace those foods with healthier options you have already prepared.

Make A Shopping List
If you find you become lost in a supermarket and often leave without half the things you were thinking of buying then preparing a shopping list beforehand is a great way to keep on track and not to succumb to unhealthy deals and offers. Knowing what meals you want to cook helps to keep you from the processed meal isles too.

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal
You do really need to start the day in the right way and skipping breakfast definitely isn’t a good thing. By eating well in the morning you are reducing the risk of unhealthy cravings later in the day, so stick to healthy cereals, eggs or porridge.

Staying Fit In Your 30s

August 18, 2017

It is amazing how much we take our bodies for granted but there is always a point where our metabolism slows and our once toned tummies become home to a bit of chub. To keep this unwelcome store of fat that usually occurs around our thirties at bay, it is important to look after your body in terms of what you are putting into it and what you are doing with it.

The trick to ageing gracefully is to start early, there may be a time where you can binge on snack food and have nothing to show for it but maintain this and there will be a point where you have to start loosening that belt a few notches. So getting into a good routine will put you on the right track to being fit in your thirties.

Here are some of our tips to prove that a happy life doesn’t end when you hit the big 3 0.

Use The Great Outdoors
A lot of people who are either uncomfortable with their weight or don’t like gym environments use these feelings to stop themselves from exercising but it is a slippery slope. There really is no excuse to not exercise, regardless of your lifestyle, and by incorporating a workout into your day you are not only burning calories but also coping with stress too.

Even walking to work instead of getting the bus or taking the stairs over the lift is a good way to get that heart pumping and reduce your risk of getting heart disease. One of our personal favourite trends that has always been a classic is jump rope, hey if it’s good enough for the Victoria’s Secret models then it’s good enough for us! Invest in a rope for as little as £5 and you have a workout that you can take anywhere you want.

Get Physical
It has been reported that your 30s can be the most stressful time of your life so what better way to release some of that tension than by hitting something (and no we don’t mean the bottle). Instead consider taking up boxing classes, you don’t have to be a pro or super fit to do so and not only will it be a good workout but you will also leave in a more positive mood too. Boxing classes are so vigorous that you don’t have time to think about your problems and that is a welcome release for a lot of us.

Eat Right
If you have a poor diet or you are starting to go to the gym then you need to start eating right for your hard work to show. For men this means getting good quality protein if you are hitting the weights and lots of vegetables. If you are looking to cut back on the gut then you should really consider eating fresh vegetables and cutting back on your meat intake, you will notice and feel an immediate effect and generally you will find meat a lot easier to give up then you could ever imagine.

Sneaky Food Swaps To Slim Your Waist

August 17, 2017

If you want to lose a few pounds then it doesn’t mean you have to begin a life altering series of events, completely overhauling your diet and fitness regime. Instead a few stubborn pounds can be shifted simply form making smarter decisions when it comes down to what we decide to eat. We all know the reason people slip on these fad diets is because they are simply impossible to maintain, whether it is cutting out carbs or sugar for weeks on end. In fact many people believe these diets are designed for you to fail!

So if you want to start on something a little simpler then one of our first suggestions would be to think about everything you are currently digesting on a regular basis, are you consuming a handful of cookies everyday? Then what can you swap them out for that will fill that craving but won’t have all calories and sugar?

Swapping food for a healthier alternative is a simple and smart way to reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories a day! Not only will these decisions make your waistline shrink but you will also feel better about yourself and have more control over what you eat.

Here are some examples to help get you on your way to cutting those calories!

It is in most of our sandwiches and is an easy way to cut calories, simply replacing it with a lower fat or ‘lighter’ version will help you cut calories quickly.

Sour Cream
If you are a fan of toppings such as sour cream then you might be better placed to choose Greek yoghurt instead. This way you will cut down on both calories and fat whilst still having the same texture and thickness as sour cream.

Salad Dressing
There can be a crazy number of calories in a salad dressing but if you need that extra flavour to tuck away your greens then consider dressing it with a lime’s juice, it has no fat or calories and is bursting with flavour.

Crisps and Dip
If you simply can’t part with crisps as a snack then be sure to choose healthier cooked options such as baked rather than fried. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of calories and choosing salsa is a healthier dip alternative too.

We all crave a bit of sugar throughout the day to keep us going but this is an easy way to load up on unwanted calories. If you have a sweet tooth for cake then why not consider going for mini-cake options instead of regular sizes? Yes we’d say go for fruit but if you simply can’t manage life without a treat or two then this is a great way of cutting around 500 calories.

If you simply can’t function without coffee then why not consider trading in your daily latte (290 calories) for a cup of black coffee (22 calories)? You will have already drastically cut your calorie intake before you’ve even gotten to work.

Plan Your Week For Weight Loss

August 16, 2017

Trying to lose weight is very much like going on holiday…how exactly you might be imagining? Well neither is going to go well if you don’t plan any of them. To have fun whilst on holiday you need to have a rough idea of what you should be doing or where you want to go and the same goes for weight loss – to eat right and exercise throughout the week you are going to need to plan and prepare accordingly.

It can seem difficult to set aside time in our hectic lifestyles to prepare healthy food or to exercise after a long days work but you can do it and you will reap the rewards for it. All that is required is a little planning at the start of the week and this will help get you on track to a successful routine. Here are some steps you might want to consider taking on a Sunday:

Have Your Workout Gear Arranged
Sometimes if you aren’t in the mood to exercise then anything can put you off going on a run or too the gym. Often it can be as little as not being able to find a clean t-shirt or sports bra and this might deter you from going. To ensure you aren’t looking for weak excuses it pays to prepare yourself and your workout gear, also be sure to invest in some good quality workout clothing as not only will it be more comfortable but it will also make you feel more confident and attractive and this really can be influential on your perspective and attitude to exercise.

Prepare Your Gear
If you are always on the run or forgetful then it is helpful to prepack your gym bag and leave it in a place you can’t miss it, such as by the front door or already on the car passenger seat. If you like to workout in front of the livingroom TV or use fitness DVDs then you might want to get out all you need such as mats and dumbbells before you start. It may just be little details but it means when you get the urge to exercise that you can literally press play on the DVD and get straight to it.

Plan Workouts
How many of us have gone to a gym without a solid workout in mind and ended up just sitting on a cycling machine? In fact how many of us have been annoyed by these people who just sit at a machine for 15 minutes whilst playing on their phones or staring into space? Do yourself a favour and plan a rough workout; it doesn’t have to be particularly long or you could simply go to a class, as long as you put yourself in a scenario where you have to exercise or know what you have to do.

Know What To Eat
Just as important as all the training is knowing what and when you should be eating in advance means you don’t give into the temptation of having convenience food such as a takeaway. Compile a list of everything you will need for the week and therefore you will also be less likely to spend money on spontaneous and unnecessary purchases.